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In GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association), a penalty is a type of free kick awarded to a team if a foul has been committed inside the opposing team’s large rectangle or “penalty area”.

When a penalty is awarded, the ball is placed on the ground at the penalty spot, which is 11 meters from the goal line and directly in front of the center of the goal posts.
The player taking the penalty is allowed to take a run-up and then kick the ball towards the goal in an attempt to score.

If the ball enters the goal and below the crossbar, it is counted as a goal and worth three points. If the ball goes over the crossbar but between the goal posts, it is counted as a point and worth one point.

It’s important to note that a penalty is a high-pressure situation in Gaelic football, and the pressure is on the taker to score, while the goalkeeper isĀ  trying to stop the ball from going in.

Note: see other blog on amendment to rules on awarding a penalty

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